Sunday, August 26, 2012

{weekend recapping}

Can you believe summer is almost over?! I swear, the older I get, the faster summers fly by! We have been busy trying to soak up the nice weather while it lasts and this weekend was no exception.

Friday we both had the day off and spent the day in the pool with a friend. I'm afraid pool days are far and few between now that the weather has gotten chilly but we tried to soak up the sun one more time!

I was trying to catch rays while the guys were having swimming competitions and trying to be Michael Phelps--do they ever grow up?! I managed to get some sun and one of them managed to nearly pass out from holding his breath too long and then said "you have to be willing to die if you want to win" in an explanation as to why. #wtf

Later that evening, Ryan went to the football game with the guys and I ran some errands and then came home and cleaned up the house, knowing we wouldn't be home the rest of the weekend to get that stuff done.

Saturday morning we both got up bright and early and headed in different directions.

Ryan had a company event (golf tournament and barbecue)... and he won this and was SO excited. It came with other stuff but it didn't make the photo cut :)

While I was bummed to not be by his side, I had my cousins baby shower that I wouldnt have missed for the world...

I made her these little letters that spelled out her name. I used the animal print to match her bedding but used the same design idea I used for my niece Zoe's letters I made a couple years ago...

After the baby shower, I made a beeline for the jewelers. My precious ring was back where she belonged...

I didn't ever mention this, but a couple of weeks ago we were leaving the furniture store and being the ditz I am, I was looking backwards telling Ryan "I had a great day today" and got my finger stuck in the door hinge! My finger literally swoll (is that a word?) up in a matter of seconds as I looked down at my was mangled! I didn't even know this was possible--isn't gold supposed to be strong?! We took it to the jewelers right away and she gave me the bad news; I had to leave my ring there for a few weeks so they could send it out to have it worked on. So I had hurt my finger, mangled my ring, and managed to knock a few diamonds loose in the process. But finally, it's back home on my finger where it belongs.

Today was spent lounging around...and embarrassingly enough, watching 6 episodes of "Amish: Out Of Order" haha only taking a timeout to run to the grocery store so we could eat this week.

We ended the evening by having my brother over for dinner/ice cream before he leaves for college on the East Coast this week! I sure am going to miss him, but he'll be home in 4 short months for my wedding!!

And that rounds out our weekend. I hope you all had wonderful and safe weekends as well--and for those of you already at college, I hope you got off to a great start!!

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