Tuesday, August 14, 2012

#YORO (You Only Register Once)

When it came to registering for gifts, we really tried to keep things practical. Practical, as in we registered for $15,000 dollar China.


We didn't really register for $15,000 China (do they even make that?)...or any China at all for that matter. I'll buy that shiz when I have money to wipe my ass with...or money to buy toilet paper to wipe my ass with. Actually, I'll never waste my money on China--mark my word.

Anyway, I don't know what "norm" is for registering for gifts and lets be honest, I really feel awkward doing this whole gift thing anyway. So with that in mind, we kind of stuck to what is "normal" for us and what things are practical, and most importantly...what things we would really use!

So, we registered for things like....

A rolling pin, because I have to borrow Ryan's mom's every time I need one
And rubbermaid containers, because we also always use Shelly's. See a trend here?

And measuring cups, because we are missing 2/4 AND the measurements have worn off ours so you just have to "know" which they are..hence the reason I never let Ryan measure things ;)

And a safe box, not because we have anything good, but because we BOTH had to order new passports AND new birth certificates because we had "misplaced" ours.
and a First Aid kit, because shit happens...and because our neosporin expired in 2010...and we still use it.
and a meat thermometer, because I normally just guess.

And new bathroom stuff (that I let Ryan pick out) because we are using mine from college still...that looks like this...
Yes, those are real pink puff balls that stick out. Oh, and our toothbrush holder is the pink high heel. #notjoking

But we also registered for some fun little things like...

Luggage Tags

And monogrammed towels

And sunscreen, bug repellent, and sunscreen chapstick (for the honeymoon, of course!) PS, I know it's odd to register for these things but I was thinking it would make a good gift basket if pieced together. Oh, and about the chapstick, anyone that's ever had a pool day with me knows I cake that shiz on like gravy on Thanksgiving dinner!

And a new carry on...because every girl needs one like this.
and every boy needs one like this.

Finally, we registered for something we've I've been drooling over for months; a new digital camera! My digital camera that I bought while in college has seen way too many beers and lake days and I just haven't been able to justify buying a new one though I want one SO SO SO bad (and have grown up). Plus, I want this to use the day of the wedding (for my OWN pictures), at rehearsal dinner, on our honeymoon, and for when we have little tykes running around...oh, and for my blog...so it seems like a "practical" registry item, right?

Nikon D7000

We also (briefly) toggled with the idea of the "honeymoon registry" but ended up deciding against it--though I don't know much about what's appropriate for wedding registering, I felt that that may be crossing the line and tacky; back to my thoughts on registering for gifts in general. What do you all think about those? Have you seen one, or bought a gift for someone from one? I have mixed feelings on them..I would gladly buy someone a massage or put money towards their plane tickets but Ryan would not and throws a fit every time we get one. Also, I wouldn't feel comfortable receiving a gift like that, I don't think. So I'm very undecided.

We ended up registering for all of these things at either Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. We steered clear of everywhere else due to lack of time and lack of interest. So that's it, folks. YORO.


  1. I love how you balanced sensible, fun, and one BIG gift for your registry! That puffy shower curtain is too cute. I hope you get the camera!

    I went to a bridal shower last year and the couple had a 'honeyfund' where you could go online and put money into an account for their trip. I honestly thought it was a great idea, because I didn't know the bride and groom that well and this way I could give them something they really wanted. But to each his own!

    1. Hi Cassandra! I still secretly love the bathroom decor too. :)

      Im glad to hear you thought the honeymoon thing was a good idea AND bought off of it. Like i said, im very 50/50 on it but that was one (OF MANY) tough decisions in this process.

      Hope you're having a great week!


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